A:M Festival

A:M Festival is an event under the Art and Skill Division that hosts an international music festival. This event was formed in order to channel the meaning of art that the artists want to convey to the listeners through a music festival. The story behind the musician's creation will be shown to audiences through visuals organized by A:M Festival. With this unique innovation, A:M Festival offers a competitive advantage, hopefully strengthening the event's position in the current market.

Besides that, A:M Festival also gives great opportunities for Prasmulyan to widen their knowledge and skills through a music organization that is expected to raise the name of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya to a wider scope in the music industry. In its fourth year, A:M Festival 2022 will be named as 4 A:M, which is the continuation of 1 A:M, 2 A:M, and 3 A:M in the previous years.



(Entrepreneur Creative Challenge)

EURECA is an annual national business competition held by the Personal Development Division that is specifically targeted towards high-school and college students all around Indonesia. It does not only create an opportunity for students to expand their network and enhance their knowledge regarding the business world, but also acts as a medium for them to test their creativity and limits in entrepreneurship.

Last year, EURECA successfully held an online event, in collaboration with PT Paragon Technology and Innovation as a case contributor and Nutrifood as a company partner. EURECA will be held online for the second time and this time, with amazing events which include: Business Race, Business Plan Competition (BPC), Marketing Plan Competition (MPC), as well as Awarding Night.


Liga Prasmul

Liga Prasmul is an annual sports & arts internal event held by the Sports Division. Liga Prasmul 2022 is here to provide a positive impact through virtual competitions. Liga Prasmul 2022 also aims to be a medium for all Prasmulyan to develop their talents, interests in sports and arts, as well as a way to interact, get to know each other better, and develop intimate relationships amongst fellow Universitas Prasetiya Mulya students.

Liga Prasmul 2022 consists of three major events, namely the Phoenix Cup, Phoenix Day Off, and Closing Night as the highlight of the event where Liga Prasmul's committees appreciate the entire Universitas Prasetiya Mulya community who have participated in Liga Prasmul 2022.