Liga Prasmul

Liga Prasmul is the most-anticipated annual internal sports event that is held in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. It aims to give a chance for all Prasmulyan to show their ability in sports and to further strengthen the relationship between fellow Prasmulyan in terms of teamwork, friendship, and coordination as well as to uphold the importance of sportsmanship within the campus environment.


A:M Festival

A:M Festival is the biggest annual music event of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya held by the Art and Skill Division of Student Board. Emerging from the previous campus-based Music Nights, A:M Festival is built to improve the overall music festival experience by expanding its scope external-wise. A:M Festival aims to build a whole new atmosphere with its audience through exceptional conceptual visualization that creates a unique musical journey experience. Beyond local acts, international artists also performed in this year's A:M Festival, marking its first successful debut as an external campus-managed music festival.



(Entrepreneur Creative Challenge)

EURECA is a range of national scale competitions targeted for youth. It is a medium of competition and source of insight, and it ultimately aims to encourage entrepreneurs to step up to the challenge. EURECA is divided into 3 competitions, which are Business Plan Competition (BPC), Marketing Plan Competition (MPC), and Management Debating Competition (MDC). BPC participants will show their skills by presenting their business plan. MPC participants must solve real life company business cases related to marketing, and MDC participants will debate upon a motion related to the business world. EURECA aims to bring out the entrepreneurial spirits in both internal and external parties.