(Come, Listen, Interpret, Change)

C.L.I.C is a project under the Personal Development Division that holds creative seminars, talk shows, and workshops that align with C.L.I.C’s core values of insight, inspire, and change.

By having inspirational experts as speakers, C.L.I.C’s creative seminars aim to act as a platform for participants to hopefully gain insights and self-develop further. Moreover, C.L.I.C also strives to enhance and hone the skills and abilities of their participants through workshops.

The pandemic does not hinder C.L.I.C from carrying out its purpose and objectives, as C.L.I.C will hold its future events virtually, packed in a unique and comprehensive way to still allow participants to maximize their capabilities by utilizing the insights obtained from C.L.I.C’s speakers.



HORIZON is a project under the Public Relations Division that acts as a communication platform that caters to developing creativity, broadcasting knowledge and information, and entertainment. HORIZON is also presented as the first integrated media in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya that wraps up social trends in a way still educating whose main goal is to become a platform for Prasmulyan who have potential in the creative and broadcasting media fields.

This year, Horizon Radio and Horizon Magazine will be merged into HORIZON. Without losing the culture of radio and magazines, HORIZON 2022 will be packed with new things, which have never been done before.



(Movement On Social and Environment)

MOSE is a project under the Social and Environment Division that holds three main events this year, such as: Man in the Mirror Webinar, Give to Life Project, and Reconnecting People to Nature.

The purpose of MOSE is to become a forum for Prasmulyan who have an interest and concern for others and environmental sustainability by participating in social and environmental themed activities.



(Semangat Seni Prasetiya Mulya)

SEMESTA is a project under the Art and Skills Division, based on collaboration between the Student Activity Club at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya that is related to art. SEMESTA will hold a talent show, an art conference, and related workshops to develop art and skills talent this year.

The purpose of SEMESTA is to be a platform for Prasmulyan who have an interest in arts, especially for the Student Activity Club, to increase their talent and creativity through SEMESTA’s projects.


The Blue Merchant

The Blue Merchant is a project under the Financial and Resource Development Division which produces official merchandise that represents the identity of Prasmulyan. This year, The Blue Merchant will launch our first online store as we aim to broaden our target market with more upcoming merchandise. Through the tagline “Where Pride Begins”, we expect that wearers can share the pride of being a part of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

With this year’s theme of Social Issues and Mental Health, The Blue Merchant aims to create meaningful merchandise that can increase knowledge and also raise awareness of social issues and mental health. We strive to become a place for the young generation, especially Prasmulyan, to channel their ideas and hobbies, as well as hone their talents to become professionals and entrepreneurs.