Horizon Magazine

Horizon Magazine was first published in 2013, making it the first communication media at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. It strives to provide general lifestyle-related news and information for Prasmulyans through high quality articles that feature current issues and trends. Horizon Magazine helps Prasmulyan deepen their knowledge and passion through reading in an entertaining way. Each month, Horizon Magazine presents its articles through five categories: Affairs, Business, Customs, Destination, and Enhance.


Horizon Radio

Horizon Radio started in the year 2014, making it the first integrated media at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. It is a digital audio-based communication platform, cater to developing creativity, broadcasting knowledge and information as well as entertainment. Horizon Radio includes sub-aspects to give entertainment to all Prasmulyans every night, such programs include: Passion Club, Monday Madness, Daily Dose, Hotspot, E-Vaganza, College Life, Jam Malam and H-Venture.



(Come, Listen, Interpret, Change)

C.L.I.C is a project under Personal Development Division of Student Board that is committed to hold creative seminars, talk shows and workshops for Prasmulyan. It holds a series of educational activities according to the needs and interests of Prasmulyan to implement C.L.I.C’s core values: Insight, Inspire, Change. This year, C.L.I.C will be coming back with a more exciting and engaging concept, breaking the stereotype of ordinary and sit-through seminars.


The Blue Merchant

The Blue Merchant is a project introduced to produce, sell, promote and manage Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s official merchandise, which aims to increase the pride of Prasmulyans.



(Movement On Social and Environment)

MOSE is a project under Social and Environment Division of Student Board that accommodates Prasmulyan on social and environmental actions by contributing more on solving social and environmental issues, and raising humanity as well as humility as human beings.This year, MOSE will be back with a series of creative and impactful campaign journey, in order to develop a greater understanding of what can be done to help the earth and society.