Internal Projects

Board of Executive

Phoenix Appreciation Night

A formal awarding night held by Student Board to appreciate selected Prasmulyans who have contributed in Student Board’s events and projects all year long. Awards and nominations are given for Committee, Board of Director, and Event & Project.

Student Board Family Day

An internal event by the Student Board to gather all members in order to strengthen the bond within the organization through a series of activities such as games, sharing-sessions, and presentation per division.

Community Affairs

Community Life

Community Life is a part of Prasmul Gear Up, an orientation program for new coming students to adapt to new university life. As community plays a very important role and is inseparable from student’s life, this program will introduce various student organizations and activity clubs. Prasetiya Mulya offers a wide variation of Student Activity Club, such as sports, arts, academics, and other specific interests. Student organizations are highly supported by campus and is under the supervision of Student Board. Community Life encourages new students to choose and join any organizations or clubs that best suit their interest as a way for them to gain new friends, relations, skills as well as experiences.

Organization Gathering

With various organization and activity clubs that coexist within Prasetiya Mulya, coordination and understanding between these communities are very important. Hence, every year, Organization Gathering provides a place for every community to introduce their organization or clubs, their plan for the coming year and present or seek an opportunity for collaboration. Community Affairs will also equip board members with leadership or administrative skills according to their specific roles to prepare them before they start leading their organization. This event is a symbol of unity and a beginning of good relationships between the different communities for year ahead.

Prasmulyan Board Meeting

As a follow up for Organization Gathering, Community Affairs held a periodic meeting every 3 months called Prasmulyan Board Meeting. Inviting both organizations’ and clubs’ board members, Prasmulyan Board Meeting will discuss a more detailed plan and make sure the coordination is well-communicated and maintained. A year-round activity held in Prasetiya Mulya will be periodically scheduled along with the use of facilities, places and even resources to ensure all events and projects can be maximized and serve Prasmulyan’s needs at its best.


DROP-in functions as a controlling plan for Students Activity Clubs (SAC). Each of the clubs will be assigned to a member of Student Board’s Community Affairs Division that shares the same skills or interest. Members of Community Affairs will then assist each club in their daily operations including planning a weekly meeting, making reports, joining competitions, paying visits to events and even creating their own. Members of Community Affairs are responsible to ensure each club is making a progress and achieving their goal at the end of the year.

SAC Establishment

We always strive to live up to Student Board’s value, which is Understanding is Our Priority. Therefore, we always try to accommodate every passion and interest of each Prasmulyan. That is why, SAC Initiation provides students an opportunity to propose new clubs and communities. Community Affairs will help throughout the development stage from research to creating a proposal, but will also challenge new club’s commitment and preparation through the testing stage until it is ready to officially operate in Prasetiya Mulya.

Phoenix Branding

Phoenix Branding is a form of appreciation for Prasmulyan’s non-academic achievements, especially in sports. The phoenix itself is also the mascot of the campus that functions as a symbol of motivation and spirit alongside the occurrence of events held by the Student Board. On the other hand, the Phoenix Branding aims to build a better sense of pride and belonging within the Prasmulyan community.

Financial Resource and Development

Financing Management

The Financing Management is a coaching program available to all Prasmulyan involved in any of Student Board’s activities under the division of Sponsorship, Merchandising, Consumption or Fundraising.

Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is a program that supplies the necessary goods for Student Board’s stewardship. SBU aims to assist matters on finance for programs under the stewardship of Student Board.

Smart Cut

Smart Cut is a program that aims to provide additional benefits that can help reduce the costs incurred in using a good or service. Through partnerships between smart card holders and external parties, Student Board hopes that Prasmulyans can gain pride and appreciation towards their smartcard, and encourage them to bring and wear their smartcard around.

Human Resource


The recruitment process is a crucial part to ensure the suitable candidates for all committees under the Student Board. Its process includes planning, screening the candidates, interviews and results. Its main focus is equality and fairness to the possibility of being a part of the student body at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.


All activities under Student Board is controlled by the Human Resource Division of Student Board to ensure its value, vision, and mission are compatible with the Student Board as well as Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

Training and Development

Student Board has a variety of programs during its one-year period. Therefore, it is necessary to train and develop the skills of each of its members to ensure all activities achieve their respective goals.

Appreciation and Improvement

Another function of Human Resources Division is to appreciate Prasmulyan’s hard work and evaluate their working performance to maintain the harmony inside committees and the individual’s commitment.

External Affairs

Human Resources Division opens and welcomes all Prasmulyans to develop themselves. Therefore, this program focuses on creating a two-way communication between internal parties of Student Board and Prasmulyans.


This program involves recording the entire track record of all Prasmulyans, both active within Student Board’s activities and those who are not.

The Path of the Phoenix

As a Prasmulyan, it is expected that every individual can receive, understand and engage information regarding the organizational life at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. This program helps students understand the benefits that can be gained from being a part of clubs and organizations within the campus.

Student Board Election

Student Board Election aims to facilitate democracy and regeneration by providing the opportunity for Prasmulyan to use their voice in choosing the next President and Vice President of Student Board. It consists of several activities such as open recruitment for candidates, selection, campaign, debates, open speech, and voting day.

Personal Development

Scholarship Information

Responding to the need and importance of information scholarship-wise, Personal Development division aims to provide useful information for Prasmulyans who are interested in applying for an tuition-aid or scholarship. The programs acts as a bridge between institutions that offers financial aid to students by proceeding informations such as application process, criteria, etc.

Public Relations

External and Internal

Maintaining a good relationship with internal as well as external parties have always been a part of our goal. Whether it be with corporations, public and private universities, other external communities, or Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s internal management such as CDC, MCR, SAC & SCC, and other independent organizations

Tour de Campus

Tour de Campus is a program that facilitates Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and other universities to exchange ideas and information as well as sharing insights. The Student Board may visit other campuses, or welcome other Students Associations into our campus.For two consecutive years, we have successfully accepted a total of six universities including universities in Singapore: Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore.

Social Media

Social Media is a platform to communicate with people all over the world in different ages. In the Student Board, we use Social Media to give out information, updates, and teasers or trailers regarding all the different events, as a source of knowledge and communication. Student Board uses three types of Social Media platforms: Instagram, Youtube and LINE. Follow us on @sbprasmul for everything that is going on at Prasetiya Mulya.

Mailing List

Mailing list is a tool that allows us to announce information such as announcements, open recruitments, special events, and obituaries all relating to Prasmulyans. It is an effective and efficient way to distribute and announce news easily, as it is accessible for all Prasmulyans. Using our official mailing list as a source of our main communication, we do not accommodate any unauthorized information from outside, and ensures safety.

Student Board's Official Website

Student Board’s official website is a source of media information regarding Student Board’s management as well as its events and projects. It also acts as a linkage to other network sites relating to the Student Board programs.

Research & Development

Event Research

Event Research is a research done to ensure the the growth of each event under the Student Board. Its main purpose is to establish improvement as well as ease their decision-making process.

General Research

General Research is a research done aiming at the new Prasmulyans entering into university. Its main purpose is to have a deeper insight about all Prasmulyans, in terms of talents and hobbies, goals for being a student at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and their aspirations for the future.

Formal Research

Formal research is a research done for Prasmulyans to gain further insight that is useful for university life as well as the working world in the future.

Workshop Research and Development

Workshop Research and Development is a workshop designed for Prasmulyans to unlock new perspectives and insights around the Research and Development world, such as learning about qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Research and Development Day

Research and Development Day is a gathering of all Research and Development divisions in all events under the Student Board, to exchange information about each of their research status. It aims to help one another grow for the success of each event.

Student Board Evaluation

Student Board Evaluation is an evaluation program to improve the Student Board’s performance to serve Prasmulyans better for the future. It aims to help each member understand the working process of the Student Board as an internal organization of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

Social & Environment

Prasmulyan Green Movement

Prasmulyan Green Movement is a campaign done around Prasetiya Mulya campus, targeted to Prasmulyans in order to raise their awareness on the importance of recycling and keeping our environment clean and comfortable.