(Indonesian Culture and Nationalism)

ICN (Indonesian Culture and Nationalism) is a national-scale nationalism competition under the Personal Development Division. ICN aims to increase the spirit of nationalism in the younger generations as well as increase the love and importance of preserving Indonesia’s local culture.

This year, ICN will be held online and is targeted for college students from each province in Indonesia. They will design a social project with the aim of solving social problems in their province while also conducting national discussions with all delegates, receiving various training, provisioning and funding for the best three social projects.


Prasmul Olympics

Prasmul Olympics is a national sports competition under the Sports Division. Prasmul Olympics provides the concept of offline or online events, consisting of RUN IT, Phoenix Cup, and The Closing Project.

Prasmul Olympics is open for teenagers to adults to compete at the amateur level, which can be a place to show off their skills to the public since it is an external event. The ultimate goals of this event are to elevate the mind and soul, embrace fair play, and uphold the competitive values of the participants. This event also aims to strengthen the relationship between Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and external parties.


Social Week

Social Week is an annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity under the Social and Environment Division. Social Week consists of four major events, which are Blood Donation, Helping Hand Program, Seminar & Lokakarya, and Social Talks.

The purpose of all Social Week’s activities are as a form of Prasmulyan’s dedication in helping the surrounding community by developing their skills, facilitating the provision of staple food and suitable clothes, encouraging the community to donate blood, even during the pandemic, as well as establishing good relationships between one another.